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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
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Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%
Additional terms All commissions will be counted after receiving payment. Please note that credit card payments usually take 3 days to clear. Payments will be paid out on a monthly basis.

WHO WE ARE: SuperHuman Strength Inc. is a natural supplement company focused on protein
and hydration and dedicated to helping athletes and people aspiring for better
health to unlock the best version of themselves using our scientifically
formulated products. 

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: There are two kinds of supplement companies. 1. Those that create products that do have an effect on your body, but you wouldn't want to put it in your body due to the artificial nature of it. 2. Products that are very natural, but are not formulated properly so they don't have any real effects on your body.  SuperHuman Strength brought together a naturopath, a functional medicine doctor and an NHL strength coach to formulate our products. Then, the products were tested on professional athletes for a whole summer to completely dial in their effectiveness, taste and digestibility.  SuperHuman Strength is completely natural while also being completely effective. Our products are great for both professional athletes as well as everyone looking to supplement naturally. 

WHY PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT US: It really does work. In fact, we are currently being used by the Vancouver Canucks, St. Louis Blues, Annaheim Ducks, NFL players, Major League Baseball, runners, cyclists, basketball players and the list goes on an on. We are also NSF Certified for Sport. 

THE PROGRAM:  It's Simple. You get Base Commission off any retail order, of course net of taxes and shipping as we don't get paid on that, so we can't pay you on that. We have a good average order size, so the program really does pay out. If you bring in a gym or clinic, then we pay you 15% of the wholesale order for them but gyms and clinics can't use discount codes. This gets tracked to you by connecting the gyms or clinic's email address to your affiliate account which will track everything they purchase and generate a commission for you. It's that easy!  Please note that you will not get paid commission on any of your own personal orders. If you are interested in a discount for yourself, let us know and we will create something for you. Also, if one of your affiliates uses a discount code from one of our social influencers or other affiliate, you will split the commission on that order between you and the influencer/affiliate.  

All payments are held for 30 days after the payment period to assure no customer returns. 

Only for Customers of US and Canada